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banaa its me
Who am I?

Selamat pagi! Call me Yuuko or Pocchi. I'm just your average alter who woke up after a ten-year dormancy... As far as this strange new world goes... i'm not super great at navigating anything! Some people call me a time-traveller or from another dimension, but I'm really just a spacey girl who feels nice carrying on like it's still the 2010s.
I'm 19 and my birthday is Jun. 10, 2004!

Where are We?

This site is basically an extension of the self to me!! It is, basically, the website i always wanted to make as a kid - and represents everything I loved about my youth. ╰( ̄ω ̄o) I wanted to capture everything about it and propagate a safe space of sorts for me.. in this great big world full of new and confusing things, Aioi is my cozy hidey hole!

banaa i'll configure this later ... mind the mess!
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